Vineyards and harvest

To the right of the Mirna river, facing the south, there is towering above the village of Castagna with its lands, dominating the valley wedged between the fertile hills, where for centuries grapevine has been part of the charming landscape.
There lives the Zigante family, traditionally in symbiosis it may be said, with the vine stock. The great-grandfather took care of the entir

The production cycle, providing the wine in wooden casks manufactured by himself. Nowadays, owing to the experience of the "old ones" and the need for technological improvement, the wines produced by the family may pride themselves on the title DOC (guaranteed quality wine), and win the desired awards and approval at national and international wine shows.


When the Agriculture Institute informs us that the optimal ratio of sugar and acidity has been achieved, we begin our harvest. The grapes are hand-picked.

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